Readers' Reviews & Suggestions > A 'Must Experience' Brasserie With An Historically Landmarked Art-Nouveau Interior -- "Montparnasse 1900",

The art-nouveau interior of this brasserie is a preserved historical landmark, and it is stunning .. we haven't seen anything like it anywhere else

PLUS their 34Eu prix fix has to be the best deal in town, with excellent execution .. very tasty indeed. For your 34Eu, you get an appertif, 1/2 bottle of wine, entree, plat, cheese dish, dessert, AND coffee .. ,and the portions are generous to say the least.

We went on a Sunday for 'brunch' .. arrived around 2:15P and left, or staggered out the door, at around 4:30P -- one of the most memorable meals we have had anywhere .. and we highly recommend Sunday brunch as the ideal time for this event!

Its located on Blvd Montparnasse (standing on Montparnasse, looking at the skyscraper directly in front of you, its to your right). and is open 7 days/wk, from around noon-ish to 3P, and then from around 7:30P to around 11P

October 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterWCM